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Eve Simpson was born in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, and grew up in cities across Canada and Europe.  She was born into life as an “army brat”, her dad in the military and her mom a school principal.  School teachers described her as a precocious child with a wicked imagination, one who loved to write.  Many found her a handful. Her interests are eclectic.  She attended Carleton University, first majoring in history and antiquities, pursuing courses in Engineering, and graduating with an Honours Degree in English before going on to graduate studies.

To fund her education, Eve was a reservist in the Canadian forces.  In the 30th Field Artillery she learned to throw grenades, fire military guns and serve as an altar girl for the army chaplain.

Eve’s foray into writing adventure thrillers follows a stellar career in the Public Service of Canada where she developed leading edge Human Resources Strategies that have been recognized the world over. She has co-authored HR papers with the Chief Statistician of Canada and spoken at HR conferences for the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE), including one in Macedonia.

Eve is an avid traveler, has a fervor for alpine skiing and a love of history and science. When she isn’t researching and plotting thrillers, she is working on scientific patents or enjoying life as a ski bum at Whistler with her husband and two adult children.

On retirement Eve integrated her love of suspense, history, travel and mystery and began writing.  In 2018 she submitted a manuscript to the US based Adventure Writer’s Competition, sponsored by the Clive Cussler Collector’s Society.  The Emerald Tablet was selected as a finalist.  Braveship Books, a consortium of action adventure and pulse-pounding reads, invited her to join their collectivity of authors and the rest is history.